2016-pres.     Senior Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

2012-2016      Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Anthropology, University of New Mexico


2012              Ph.D. Ecology, University of California, Davis, California

2006              M.A. Social Sciences, University of Chicago, Illinois

2004              B.A. (with honors) Anthropology/History. UC Santa Barbara, California


Publications in Print

  1. Schniter, E., Wilcox, N.T., Beheim, B.A., Kaplan, H.S., Gurven, M. (2017) Information transmission and the oral tradition: Evidence of a late-life service niche for Tsimane Amerindians. Evolution and Human Behavior DOI

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  15. Borgerhoff Mulder, M. & Beheim, B. A. (2011) Understanding the nature of wealth and its effects on human fitness. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 366: 344-35

Grants, Fellowships, Awards

  • “The Human Life Course and the Biodemography of Aging”, Co-Investigator, National Institutes of Health / National Institute on Aging $590,659

  • Administrative Supplement to “The Human Life Course and the Biodemography of Aging”, Co-Investigator National Institutes of Health / National Institute on Aging $15,000

  • “Surviving the Flood: Vulnerability, Risk Management, and Resilience among Tsimane Forager-Farmers of Bolivia”, Co-Investigator, National Science Foundation $126,000

  • Graduate Fellowship Block Grant, The University of California $10,800

  • Graduate Scholars Fellowship in Ecology, The University of California $34,022

  • Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society

Paper Presentations

  • Beheim, B.A., Ross, C., Thigpen, C., McElreath, R. Cultural Evolution in Games of Chess and Go. American Anthropological Association

  • Rowan, C., Sangodkar, S., Achrekar, A., Tolstrup, K., Beheim, B.A., Stieglitz, J., Trumble, B., Gurven, M., Kaplan, & H. Left Ventricular Systolic and Diastolic Dysfunction is an Uncommon Finding in a Pre-Industrial Society with High Inflammation and Low Atherosclerotic Risk Factors. American Heart Association

  • Blackwell, A.D., Tamayo, M., Beheim, B.A., Trumble, B.C., Stieglitz, J., Hooper, P., Kaplan, H. & Gurven, M. Different parasites, different human life histories: Roundworm increases human fecundity and leads to earlier reproduction, while hookworm entails costs to reproduction. Human Behavior and Evolution Society

  • Beheim, B.A., Gurven, M. & Kaplan, H. What evolutionary processes drive cultural change? Evolutionary Demography Society

  • Gurven, M., Costa, M., Eid Rodriguez, D., Stieglitz, J., Beheim, B., Trumble, B., Kaplan, H. Costs of reproduction and maternal depletion in a high mortality and fertility population. Population Association of America

  • Trumble, B.C, Cummings, D., Beheim, B.A., Stieglitz, J., Yetish, G. Pontzer, H., Kaplan, H., & Gurven, M. Energetic costs of testosterone: higher testosterone is associated with greater lean muscle mass and total energetic expenditure among Tsimane forager-horticulturalists. American Association of Physical Anthropologists

  • Kaplan, H., Gurven, M., Cortez, E., Eid, D., Beheim, B.A., Stieglitz, J., Rowan, C., Tolstrup, K., & Achrekar, A. Slow cardiovascular aging and rare infarcts among Tsimane forager-horticulturalists. American Association of Physical Anthropologists

  • Thompson, M.E, Beheim, B.A., Blackwell, A.D., Stieglitz, J., Trumble, B.C., Gurven, M. & Kaplan, H. Immunosenescence in Tsimane forager-horticulturalists. American Association of Physical Anthropologists

  • Beheim, B.A., Thigpen, C., & McElreath, R. Evolutionary dynamics in the Game of Go. Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA

  • Beheim. B.A., Bell, A.V. Inheritance and Ecology: Canoe Evolution in Fiji and Polynesia. 3UC Evolutionary Anthropology Conference

  • Beheim, B.A. Japan’s Cultural Inoculation: The Radiation and Retreat of Firearms and Christianity. Human Behavior and Evolution Society


Primary Instructor

  1. The Human Life Course (ANTH 160), taught 2013, 2014, 2015
  2. Human Behavioral Ecology (ANTH 360), taught 2014
  3. Research Computing in Evolutionary Anthropology (ANTH 560), taught 2014
  4. Evolution and Human Nature (ANT 50), taught 2011
  5. Applied Research Methods (ESP 178), taught 2011, 2012
  6. Cultural Ecology (ANT 102), taught 2010

Teaching Assistant

  1. Ecology and Evolution (BIS 2B), taught 2010, 2011, 2012
  2. Physical Anthopology (ANT 1), taught 2011
  3. Ecology and Politics (ANT 131), taught 2009
  4. Current Issues in the Environment (ESP 10), taught 2009

Service to the Profession

Public White Papers

  • Lubell, M., Beheim, B.A., Hillis, V. & Handy, S. (2009) Achieving Sustainability in California’s Central Valley. UC Davis Sustainable Transportation Center
  • Beheim, B.A. & Reis, M. “A Theory of Social Formalism: The Four Horsemen and the New Deal.” Law and Society Review at the University of California, Santa Barbara II (2003): 85-94.

Symposium & Seminar Participation

  • Beheim, B.A. “Estimating Heritability of Reaction Norms” Dynamics of Wealth Inequality and Family Structure, Santa Fe Institute
  • Beheim, B.A. “Strategic Social Learning and Evolutionary Arms Races in the Game of Go” Invited talk, Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Beheim, B.A. “Inferring General Mechanisms of Cultural Evolution in Observational Settings” Dissertation Exit Seminar, UC Davis, Davis, California
  • Beheim, B.A. “Evolutionary Decomposition and the Dynamics of Inequality”. Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Beheim, B.A. Developing Measures of Cultural Variation and Dynamics in Hokkaido, Japan. Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts


  • Journal of Theoretical Biology
  • Advances in Complex Systems
  • Human Nature
  • Evolution and Human Behavior

Professional Memberships & Participation

  • American Anthropological Association
  • Human Behavior and Evolution Society
  • American Association of Physical Anthropologists
  • Principle Organizer, California Undergraduate Anthropology Conference, May 2004
  • Anthropology Student Union President (2003-2004)

Recent Collaborators

Michael Gurven (UCSB) · Adrian Jaeggi (UCSB) · Aaron Blackwell (UCSB) · Anne Pisor (UCSB) · Sam Bowles (SFI) · Paul Smaldino (UCD) · Paul Hooper (Emory) · Ryan Baldini (Stanford) · Eric Schniter (Chapman) Jonathan Stieglitz (IAST) · Richard McElreath (UCD) · Ben Trumble (UCSB) · Siobhan Mattison (UNM) · Martin Muller (UNM) · Melissa Emery Thompson (UNM) · Chris Rowan (UNM Cardiology) · Monique Borgerhoff Mulder (UCD)

Language & Technical Proficiency

  • Japanese, intermediate proficiency
  • Spanish, intermediate proficiency
  • German, basic proficiency
  • Markup Languages: TeX, HTML, Markdown
  • Computing Environments: R, ArcGIS, Stata, MATLAB, UNIX shell
  • Mathematics through Calculus and Linear Algebra


  • Go (weiqui): 5 kyu on Kisedo Go Server
  • Rowing: 850,000 meters rowed
  • Colorado Plateu rock collecting
  • Kendo (Japanese fencing)
  • Retrocomputing: Raspberry Pi, 6502 Microprocessor Assembly Language
  • Music: Saxophone, Piano